Roofers With a Twist – KNA Roofing’s Hilarious Escapades


Sure, you might think that a roofing company’s daily operations would be as exciting as watching paint dry. But when it comes to KNA Roofing, the Staten Island-based roof repair and installation experts, you’d be hilariously wrong. These guys bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “raising the roof!”

The Shingle-Shimmy Incident

Let’s start with the time when the KNA crew was working on a particularly steep roof. As they were laying down the shingles, one of the roofers decided to liven things up by breaking into an impromptu dance routine. Cue the “Shingle Shimmy” – a series of hip swivels and shoulder shimmies that had the entire crew in stitches. Unfortunately, the homeowner wasn’t as amused when they found their newly installed shingles scattered across the lawn like confetti.

The Great Gutter Gag

Then there was the incident with the gutters. As the team was installing a new gutter system, one of the roofers thought it would be hilarious to hide inside the gutter and jump out at his unsuspecting colleagues. Needless to say, the resulting screams could be heard all the way in neighboring Brooklyn. The homeowner, however, was less than thrilled when they found a grown man stuck in their gutters.

The Ladder Limbo

But perhaps the most legendary KNA Roofing tale involves a particularly flexible roofer and a ladder. As the crew was packing up for the day, this roofer decided to showcase his limbo skills by attempting to go under the ladder without knocking it over. What followed was a series of contortions that would make a circus contortionist jealous. Sadly, the ladder did not survive the encounter, but the memory lives on as a testament to the crew’s unwavering commitment to finding humor in even the most mundane tasks.


So, the next time you need a new roof or some repairs, consider giving KNA Roofing a call. Not only will you get top-notch workmanship, but you might also get a side of laughter that’ll make your neighbors wonder what’s going on up there. Just be prepared for the occasional shingle dance or gutter gag – it’s all part of the KNA Roofing experience!

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