A Day in the Life: Serving Our Communities in Florida

At Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc, our goal is to go above and beyond for every service. From heating service to air conditioning repairs, we strive to be the preferred choice. Each morning starts bright and early – in line with our namesake – with a buzz of activity as we prepare to answer the call of duty. Dependent on our clients’ needs, we could be carrying out a furnace repair in Lady Lake, an air conditioning service in Wildwood, or a new installation in Oxford; each day is varied and unique.

A Typical Day for an AC Contractor

As an AC Contractor at Sun Kool, every workday is exciting. Our day can often start at 7 am where we head out to handle various callouts around Florida. For instance, our first job might be a routine air conditioning service in Summerfield, where we ensure the homeowner’s AC system is running efficiently. But what makes our job interesting is the unpredictable nature of it. One moment, we could be smoothly finishing a job in The Villages, and the next, we’re rushing to handle an emergency AC repair call in Ocala.

Furnace Repairs and More

As experienced furnace contractors, we understand the importance of a sturdy, efficient heating system. When we receive an urgent call from a customer whose heating has decided to go on the fritz, we know it’s crucial to get that resolved as quickly as possible. Heating problems are never enjoyable, especially in the cooler months, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure residents of our serviced areas in Florida can enjoy safety and comfort in their homes.

Our days at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc consist of more than just the hands-on work. We engage and liaise with customers, providing them with advice, answering their questions, and ensuring they are satisfied with our service. By the time we’re wrapping up our day, we can go home with the satisfaction of a job well done – and the knowledge that we’ve helped make dozens of homes in Florida a little bit safer and more comfortable.

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