Hot Comedies: Sizzling Furnace Stories from Advanced Heating

Cold days and temperamental furnaces have turned many a homeowner into an amateur handyman. But when you handle heating, even the commonsensical becomes comical. Here’s a chuckle-worthy peak of the Advanced Heating’s day-to-day, patching up and reviving heaters across Morgantown, WV to Oakland, MD.

Hot Chocolate and Furnace Replacement

Among our warmer tales, we fondly recall a heating service call to comfort-starved Cheat Lake, WV. Our technician found a furnace more under the weather than the house’s residents. Their spirited solution until Furnace Replacement day? Sloshing mugs of hot cocoa served every 15 minutes to keep warm. Our technician got a cup for every check-in. By the end, he’d developed a serious sugar high and a cocoa addiction Read more.

Pipe Dreams and Heater Installation:

In Fairmont, WV, we encountered a client who believed that hair dryers could double up as a temporary heating solution. The exhausted hand-held contraption buzzed its defeat once we arrived with a new heater under an arm, ready for Heater Installation. We still chuckle at the sight of the half-melted hair dryer surrendering to the proper heat source.

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